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When a male is on all fours, the girl is eating his anus while giving him a reacharound. When he is about to ejaculate, the girl sticks her tongue through the sphincter, into the anus, causing an explosive orgasm that could cut through metal.
The prisoner used a Kentucky Blowtorch to escape his cell door.
by The Clam Dunk July 12, 2015
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1. Drink a bunch of moonshine
2. Find a lady from Kentucky who doesn't have any teeth.
3. Convince her to give you a blow job.
4. When ejaculating in her mouth, smack her in the back of the head.
5. When she chokes and snorts out your moonshine-riden cum through her nose, light it on fire.
Dude, Tammy Rae gave me the best Kentucky Blow Torch last night!
by natronbomb December 22, 2014
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