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The Curb Stomp maneuver made famous by the film American History X has it's origins in the city of Philadelphia. Known as the "Kensington Mouthwash" it has become the favorite means of dispatching ones foe in the predominantly ghetto neighborhood of Kensington. The Kenzo maneuver has been adopted by the city as a whole, mostly as a joke which shows you what kind of people they really are.

The Kensington Mouthwash requires you to somehow get your opponent onto the ground. Then you force them to open their mouth and bite down on the curb. From there, you apply the proper amount of force onto the back of their head in order to kill the person, preferably with a swift an decisive stomp or kick.
Timmy, get your fucking hands off my cheesesteak or I'm going to take you outside and give you a Kensington Mouthwash.
by PaperStSoapCo October 11, 2008
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