Ur probably here because of ghost and pals' song "broadcast illusions" or "colorbars" which is now titled "bar" on youtube. The song(s) have a software thats fukases vocaloid voicebank.Kennith Simmons is a gay boy who gets bullied for being lgbtq+. This guy has invested on electronics and soonly met evelynn jacot after stephanie glass got into a fight with kennith. Kennith and evelynn planned hijacking a broadcast that makes the nation do a whole mass suicide to get payback from being bullied. Stephanie glass was deaf so the broadcast couldn't affect her. Close to when the broadcast was about to be finished kennith felt like it was wrong to do this. Evelynn forced kennith to keep the broadcast going but kennith didn't. Kennith then killed himself while the screen was black. Stephanie got worried and ran into kenniths house breaking the door down. Stephanie ran upstairs which had wires and stacks of tvs that played brightly lit colorbars. Towards the ground upstairs was a pool of blood that kennith had been laying in.
Me:hey have u heard of kennith simmons?
by Kenny chan October 25, 2020
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