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A really weird name that isn't in any way common. Out of the few Kenmo's I've met, all of them are extremely smart, self-aware, and always attempting to make everyone else's day better. When it comes to looks and physical appearance, a Kenmo is pretty decent and/or mediocre. When others try to question their authority, they try their best to overpower them with what the Kenmo likes. With this sort of personality, a Kenmo usually has a lot of friends. Most of the friends that they make become very close to them. They most likely enjoy the same things Kenmo does. Overall, the uncommon name Kenmo is a very great person to be around and can be fun, caring, and smart as hell.
Person 1 Holy crap! That person is good at math!
Person 2 I know, right! He's only in second grade but roasting all of us tenth graders!
Person 1 Doesn't he look like a Kenmo?
Person 2 Maybe. Eh, he's like kinda cute but not too cute so probably.
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