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KelpCone is the ship name of Percy Jackson and Thalia Grace. This name is derived from their two nicknames for each other, Kelphead and Pinecone Face. KelpCone is probably one of the greatest ships of the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. This ship seems impossible as Thalia is a Hunter of Artemis so therefore she cannot date anyone. Even so, if it were possible this would become the greatest ship ever. It is hinted in The Titan's Curse that Thalia might like Percy as he is the first male demigod that she hugs after becoming a Hunter.
Percabeth Shipper: Percabeth is the greatest ship ever!
KelpCone Shipper: No, KelpCone is. They even have a better ship name than Percabeth!
Percabeth Shipper: *is speechless*
by KelpConeShipper May 06, 2013
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