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(n.) a name given the status of a proper noun by rocker Marilyn Manson in reference to the anus (cornhole) of a girl simply disclosed as "Kelly". According to Manson, Kelly was a large girl with whom he and a friend became involved in sexual games one night. When Kelly exposed her anus, the two men were silently horrified to get a glimpse of a small, slimy, whitish particle somewhat resembling a corn kernel residing within. After the publication of this anecdote in his autobiography l.h.r.o.o.h, the act of referencing Kelly's Cornhole has since become an inside joke among Marilyn Manson fans, though a practical application for the term has yet to be devised other than simply describing people with corn in their ass.
I love poundin' me some cornhole... unless it's Kelly's Cornhole, that is. Blech! *convulses*
by Holly Teacakes January 26, 2007
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