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Keller, TX. Which refers to everything before the railroad tracks. Across the railroad tracks- your address may be Keller- but ladies and gentleman you do not pay taxes to Keller, therefore you do not live in KELLER. The water tower says it all, as the cliché high school shirt proclaims, "KELLER HOME OF THE INDIANS" not Chargers or Panthers or whatever that other school they just built is called. Keller "THE REAL KELLER" consists of middle and upper middle class whites living in identical houses parallel to one another with immaculate lawns in large subdivisions. Football, sweet tea, school pride, and the largest cars you can find are a few of the common things of this town.

Past 10pm it is a ghost town, everyone resorts to Southlake town center with the middle school refugees, the drug dealership of Keller (Whataburger), the only open till 11pm Sonic, or Billy Bobs where everyone tries to pretend they are as hick as can be.

Keller was voted the 7th best place to live by Money magazine, God knows why. Oh yes that's another topic, God. Keller is home of church row. You have churches here and there and everywhere. Every Sunday from 11-2pm the church crowd fills every restaurant from Snooty Pig to Joe's Pasta and Pizza in a heartbeat.

Keller residents (half of them living in Hidden Lakes, the largest neighborhood known to man) know that they live a stereotypical Southern Suburban life, but they love the charm and class of Keller, as long as you exclude over the tracks.
Keller, TX
by ClassicSoutherner February 05, 2013
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