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Kelisa is a beautiful girl who has a big heart. She shares with people a lot even though she doesn’t want to but she just likes to see people happy! She is very smart but at the same time she doesn’t listen very well. She’s soft but she doesn’t play! She is a forgiving and loving person and she will do anything to make someone happy. Kelisa may not look like she can fight but she has hands. If you meet a Kelisa, keep her and stay with her because if u don’t youll regret it and your gonna wanna be with her again whether it’s a friendship or a relationship.
Yo bro you see that girl over there 👉 That’s Kelisa shes a keeper 💗.
by Kelisa February 10, 2018
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Kelisa is a beautiful brown haired girl. She has a big heart but can beat the shit out of you if she wants. She is white outside but black in the inside. Kelisa's are very precious so don't take advantage of a kelisa, cherish it.
Boy: I met this girl her name is Kelisa, she's so beautiful.
by Angel120 May 31, 2017
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