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it is the most majestic and considerable being in the universe, the creature loves white girls and football; usually it talks about video games and hunting. Nothing could ever overcome its greatness, it is filled with so much luxurious power that it could be considered the next George Washington. Its habitat is a small little house in the sticks, usually loud sounds come from the building cause of football. Its formal professionalism can not be surpassed by any form of trickery or disbelief. In its life it has died twice so do not try and combat it. If come in contact with the superior, just stay calm and talk about football, but DO NOT TALK ABOUT ALBURN.
Person 1: Yo, what was that one amazing thing that was so cool that everyone needs to know about it.

Person 2: Keldon Cook?

Person 1: (Head explodes.)
by HoundThatFeeds December 24, 2013
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Another term for one of the lesser men in a prison. These Keldon Cooks, Aka Prison Bitches, are often looked for in order for larger prisoners to relieve their sexual urges. Yes, a Keldon Cook is the best of sexual releases, as he does not complain and gets pleasure out of it himself. Prisons often suffer from immense amounts of rapes and violence, however with more Keldon Cooks, prisons have been becoming more peaceful due to the lessening tension brought with their desire to pleasure all prisoners within 10 cell blocks.
Black Prisoner: Yo nigga, I gotta blow my load.

Other Prisoner: Shit nigga, you got to check out that Keldon Cook in cell block 69.

Black Prisoner: (Penis explodes)
by Chris Bittner December 29, 2013
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