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An exasperating, seemingly innocent but perverted, absentminded girl. A Keierra often forgets about homework assignments and usually says, "but I didn't even get them." as an excuse, even though the rest of the class got it and she wasn't absent. However, she is also a good friend and comforts her best friend when she's crying for some stupid reason. Is also weirdly obsessed with makeup even though she doesn't need it.
dude 1: " did you see that girl in the makeup aisle?"
dude 2: " the one arguing with that other chick about their homework assignment that she says she didn't get?"
dude 1: " yeah. the one wearing makeup even though she doesn't need it."
dude 2: " she sure is a Keierra."
by One of Her Best Friends May 27, 2013
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