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Like rollercoaster or a trip to the moon.

1. A perceptive individual who is highly intelligent, honest and quick witted.
2. One who is good and kind.
3. The friend that can successfully fix a broken heart even if it requires superglue, duck tape and the entire archive of Rock, Paper, Cynic web-comics.
4. One who epitomizes what it means to be beautiful (i.e. to be full of beauty) in regards to both internal and external beauty.
5. A girl who knows how to use a Nerf gun and has the nerve to attempt the “Oh-my-God-the-dead have risen- It’s –the-Zombie-Apocalypse!” April Fool’s joke.
6. The best friend that one could hope to acquire.

Synonyms: Pink Personified, Bubbly, Effervescent, Vivacious, High-spirited , Clever, Creative, Keen, Witty, Humorous, Friend.
"Oh my God, the moon's on fire!" (Kehvren's joking response to seeing the sun after too many late study nights.)
by playedtoomuchscrabbleasakid August 08, 2011
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