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This beautiful Hawaiian name is literally heavenly in truth. It means the mist or dew from the heavens.
My daughter was born on a morning that the volcano Haleakala was shrouded in a beautiful mist, so she was named Kehaulani.
by RdcMaui June 03, 2018
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Kehaulanis are known to be sweet and kind-hearted people. They are beautiful on the inside and out, smart, unique, funny, irreplaceable. Kehaulanis are hard workers, strives to the best, and always encourages others to do the same. Kehaulanis are easy to fall in love with, when you meet one it's always lucky to have one in your life. They always stick around and never leaves no matter what. Kehaulanis also have a big heart and cares alot about people she loves.
Kehaulani is always there for me and thats why I love her.

Kehaulani is beyond beautiful.
by Blah blah blah 😝 February 18, 2019
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a majestic half mexican/half hawaiian creature, usually female. with the wit of 10 comediennes, and a bra cup size to rival that of dolly parton. She is often seen in bright colors and has a propensity toards wearing gold lamme.
I think that Kehaulani just ran through here and stole my burrito.
by Gold Lamme monster February 03, 2010
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