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Kehani is a pretty girl, She is shy but once you know her, she’s the greatest friend you’ll ever find. She’s trusting, kind, talented, and overall a great friend. She looks all harmless but don’t mess with her or her friends otherwise death is ahead. You’ll never know what she’ll say, She attracts only the guys with good sense in taste of girls. She’s one of a kind and she can’t be replaced with anyone else! She’s smart and full of surprises, and overall would make a wonderful girlfriend if you get the chance. If she likes you, your lucky and don’t turn her down, that question is one in a lifetime for you to say yes. If you refuse, you don’t get that question ever again.She’s also not clingy so that’s a great thing! She’s the best let’s put it short!
“Kehani is so smart!”
by GamingIsFun:3 June 12, 2018
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