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keggin' is an all purpose word that can mean
1. drinking lots of beer out of a keg.
2. substitute for "dang",
3. really cool,
4. derives from the meaning of "wats up"
5. also "keg'" meaning cool person.
1. I kegged' so much last night so now i have a hangover.

2. Shanaynay: OMG that test is so keggin' easy!!
emberto: KEG MAN KEG!

3. Reggie: Yo dem family force 5 be keggin'!!!

4. Juan: hows it keggin'

5. That Leonardo Decaprio is one keg'
by NOAMa December 13, 2005
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A beautiful yellow haired woman who enjoys long walks with her dogs and wine. She loves her children and pretty much all animals. She can be kind or as mean as a rattle snake. She has been know to love brads from time to time. She loves leggings and heated blankets
Oh man did you see that lady with all the dog hair on her leggins...such a Keggins
by Bdiddy2 February 16, 2019
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