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Keenah means to be awsome. There will never be another like Keenah. Keenah's are someone who loves to have a good time and loves to be loved. They will do anything for family and friends. Keenah's are loyal, a fighter, emotional, and full of love. Tends to value friendships more than others and fights for what's worth fighting for. Stronger than you think and weaker than you think. If you come accross a Keenah she is a person who will overcome most obstacles, but still may need help from time to time doing so. Humble people. A Genuine and sincere people. but overall, Keenah is awsome.
Adjective : Keenah is the most awsome chick i know! (AWSOME BEING THE ADJECTIVE)
by by AnAwsomeChick July 07, 2012
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