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A Keemy-Weemy is the name of a good person. Someone reliable in all situations. Someone who will help you if its the right thing to do for yourself and in a wider sense. He will approach a situation rationally but with compassion. Someone who doesn't share the exact same opinions, tastes, likes, hobbies, dislikes, sometimes even morals or ethics as you; but someone who you can look past that for because you know they're a good person and that you can rely on them in any situation. More than a friend, a schoolmate, a bestfriend. A keemy-weemy is a brother. keemy-weemy is family.

Also a bit of a cocky prick who thought he had mad game in year nine but it was actually shit and the only reason he pulls is because he's buff, jk keemy its bc u have a peng personality too. luv u g.
*chilling, looks up from phone*

Me: Eyo Keemy,

Keemy-Weemy: Mm?

Me: love you bro

Keemy-Weemy: Love you too g.

*both look back at respective phones*
by irishastonman August 08, 2018
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