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A girl with a unique personality and sick sense of humor. Very sexy. She may be shy at times but man does she know how to party! She loves he friends and her family but they really know how to piss her off! She's a wonderfully fun, caring, and nice person. But if you ever catch her on a bad day steer clear cause she can a major bitch at times. She's very independent and knows how to take care of herself. Although she is very independent she does love having a shoulder to cry on. She loves very passionately with all her heart. She's the center of every guys world. guys love her girls are jealous and she loves herself. She's amazing in bed. A great kisser. A good listener. Not good at telling her feelings. Much better at showing them. Doesn't like being told what to do. Doesn't need a man but loves having one around. Always been one of the guys and that's why guys love her an girls hate. Gets along with everyone and that's what makes her so amazingly beautiful.
Girl: That party last night was KraZy!!
Guy: Who was that girl dancing on the table with the bottle of Tequila in her hand??
Girl: That my friend was the one and only Keauna!
Guy: Damn. Ima have to give that chic a call ;D
by Oreo Brownie March 14, 2012
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