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A cocktail including whatever hard booze you have in your freezer and/or fridge (i.e., uncorked cognac) and whatever juice-free children's fruit drink (i.e., blue Kool-Aid) you have lying around. Usually served in a big-ass souvenir cup from a bowling alley or 7-11.
We got hammered on three Keansburg martinis before 11, puked, and kept drinking anyway.
by the_ghost_of_richie_foley March 03, 2009
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mountain dew and jim beam mixed drink served in a martini glass.often topped with an olive and stirred with a used syringe or whatever garbage might be laying around at the time. Native drink to lowlifes and derelicts from the greater Keansburg, New Jersey area.
Those derelicts were drinking Keansburg martinis and spitting them on each other when they got arrested by the Keansburg police for jumping off the floodgates naked. What a bunch of scums.
by baits September 10, 2007
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