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A wild and crazy night where everyone involved acts as their Ke$ha spirit animal urges them to. It often involves many play wolf bites and on occasion may occur. Everyone attending Ke$ha parties must dress in appropriate Ke$ha attire and will not be allowed in if not properly suited. Drinking and drug usage is an optional hardcore method and can be replaced with caffeine and sugar for those not in the "party scene". When a Ke$ha party becomes an infamous and unforgettable event hosted by the same organization multiple times, a Ke$ha sitting has been known to occur. Ke$ha herself only endorses the most True-to-Ke$ha Spirit Ke$ha parties, so her appearance is a truly great honor.
Hey, did you hear about that Ke$ha Party?!

I heard that Ke$ha Party was pretty bangin'.

I only hope for a Ke$ha Party this weekend... hashtag winning.
by hma.imananimal August 26, 2011
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