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During intercourse a member of the involved party (usually the male) will orgasm then abruptly shout "KAZZAAM!" upon doing so. The person will then jump up..grab his or her belongings and find the quickest means of escaping the room/closet/house of residence. This involves, and encourages, smashing table lamps, flipping chairs, and breaking other various unicorn desk ornaments. Jumping through the window is also encouraged for the full effect. Upon exiting the house or residence. The man or woman will then run down the street butt ass naked as fast as possible. Leaving the recipient confused..unsatisfied..and pissed off that her...or his..unicorn desk ornaments, table lamps and windows are broken.

*Note: You may lose things such as underwear, socks, or shoes if they are lost in the process and/or can not be found as your are jumping through a window.
You: "Man i totally kazzaamed that bitch last night."

Friend: " My mother says you owe her $350 in window repairs and unicorn desk ornaments."
by II Vreid II August 19, 2009
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