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Kaywynn is a name of love and wisdom. Kaywynn is the most beautiful name and women in the world. Her style is random and extrordinary in many ways, that's what makes her a mystery. But she has a beautiful smile, beautiful eyes, and a beautiful laugh. If she ever laughs in front of you, you have no choice but to laugh with her. She is a extravagant women. If a kaywynn stares into your eyes then you have to stare back, her eyes are a trap of a living soul. There will be times when she messes with you and her friends. If you run into a kaywynn, you better become friends with her quick. If you fall for this girl and you are with this girl, you have to appreciate her, care for her, be there for her, and most inportantly; PROTECT HER. She will appreciate you for doing these things. Do everything for this women and in the future, you will enjoy and love the decisions you made
by Kahner Valaski March 29, 2015
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