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A fucking annoying bitch. Who is an attention whore and so fucking selfish only caring about herself not about others. Always trying to be popular and trying to hard and act dumb because she thinks it make her attractive which it doesn't. She doesn't share and acting like she is the MOST POPULAR GIRL in school which shes not. She thinks she pretty but no have she looked herself lately. Wants boys to like her when she is Faker as a barbie doll. She is so fake. She thinks everybody like her but no she is a freakin bully. She makes fun of people with disabilities. She doesn't try she copies off you paper so if ya sitting near a Kayla Chouen better watch out for ya paper and dont partner up with her she will make you do the work pretending shes doing something to help but naw unitl you get the answer. She is the most fakest bitch and attention whore i ever MET. She says dumb stuff and does dumb things.
Girl: "oh who is that bitch"
Girl: "oh that's the attention whore Kayla Chouen"
by agfhdgkjadjkgkhakgaj March 07, 2014
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