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A girl with confidence and great talent she is very hot she loves to sing and dance and she loves her friends she will do anything for them she is shy at first but then a few minutes later she will be talkative and crazy Kayelin will show people what she is made of all the guys love her she will let someone bring her down but she will not let them destroy her she will get pushed down but always stand back up she always tells her friends how much she loves them shewill not let people mess with her friends she is amazing and the kind of person you will want to be friends with she is cool and creative she likes to do things her own way and loves trying new things if you are friends with a Kayelin then give her a hug and tell her thank you for being your friend she is an amazing person to be friends with
She is the best person I've ever met she is a kayelin
by Bear kayaks October 31, 2016
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