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Bidde=Bit/Piece(...of cookie)
-riet=a place where cookies are made.

"Kaugebidderiet" was originally a group of audio production students(class of DL06) at Blekinge Institute of Technology, BTH, in Karlshamn, Sweden 2009. They were working on an animated movie with the title "Earl" together with the legend "the blue one" ("den blåe") as animator. Although strong efforts from the team they never succeeded to finish the movie. The failure was much due to conflicts with "the blue one" since he couldn't provide the team with animations.

Although "Earl" never saw the light of day it was somewhat an economic success for the students since they received a monetary contribution of 6000SEK(~$900) from the business incubator Reaktor Sydost.

Rumor has it that there's still ongoing discussions about finishing the movie, but no public announcement have been made yet.
Wow, I really hope we will be able to watch "Earl" sometime, you know, that movie Kaugebidderiet was working on in 2009.
by Spirou9 November 27, 2012
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