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Kattarina is the name of a Goddess. One who is said to have the beauty of a thousand moons and the brilliance of million stars. Legend has it that she was carved from the ocean; given diamonds as eyes and rubies as lips. That any mortal being who sets eyes on her will instantly fall in love. Numerous tales tell of wars between Gods, trying to win her hand in love. She is depicted in myths as a skilled warrior, tough in war and strong in spirit. She is known as a deity of poetry, music, the human mind, beauty, kindness, love, the rain, flowers such as Gerbera daisies and much more.
*The Professor and young Adventurer travelled through the rich and diverse rainforest for months, before finally coming to the ancient ruins of the long forgotten civilisation.*

*The two stand before the gates of the dead, jungle empire, the adventurer bends down and lifts a small stone covered in hieroglyphs.*

"Looks like they were worshippers of the same Goddess Doc."

"The one from Gormandia?"

"Yeah, The Goddess Kattarina. Doesn't look like anyone could escape her allure...must have been quite a woman."

by Palintino February 16, 2010
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