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A dark-eyed and dark-haired girl that will steal your heart in a second. She's a bit of a player, but she will have your back no matter who you are. She's a rebel, hates society, and shaved part of her hair. Some of her hair is dyed teal. She's an artist, and has so many sketchbooks you could take years looking through them. She's sexy, and a flirt, but she's actually depressed and lonely. She's friends with everyone, but lies a lot because of trust issues. She's usually called KC, but she also likes the names Kat and Kitten by her friends. She's pale and sickly, and cusses a lot. She's always wearing black, and loves cool colors and cats. Her name means 'pure song of happiness and luck' . And she believes everyone's equal. Others, even the ones who know she lies, trust her. She has lost some important people in her life, not family, but extremely close friends. If you find her, give her a life she will think is worth living.
Teen A: "Hey, is that HER?
Teen B: "Yep, thats Kathleen Carol Murphy, the Alexander Hamilton of middle school."
by RebelEmo2133 February 17, 2017
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