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This young lady is beautiful, intelligent and incredibly vulgar.
She is also known by her stripper name of "Queen Cleavage" because she like to hang the "Ladies" out for visual pleasure.
She has face of an angel chowing on a heavenly wasp. She can also grow a feather from her head because she is a "beeerd". She is loves romance and men in black lacey undergarments. Long walks on the beach ending in a bathtub of rose petals is her dream.

She acquires auditory pleasure via classic rock mainly Aerosmith. Captain Kirk is a cutie batudie. SHe likes World of Warecraft and LARP. Guys in ties with nothing else just makes her heart STOP. She would go lesbian for Christina Hendrix in 0.25 seconds
She is the legit Katherine FootInTheAss. Fuck her.
by TheRealRedForman December 02, 2011
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