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She probably a girl you wont forget, truly like know other girl, she so beautiful, she says she`s anti-social but is the exact opposite. she has the nicest eyes, she can have fun just about all the time and can make you laugh. she loves video games, and is completely a guys best friend. she doesn't know how much she influences others. she will one day end up with all she ever dreamed of. Sexual and sensual, beautiful woman with an exotic touch. The most beautiful woman of all the females on the face of the world, her exotic beauty will make u simply cry. Every guy wants her,she's the envy of all woman. Aside from her intoxicating beauty,she is super intelligent and knows what she wants no matter the situation. She is super independent and doesn't depend on anyone or anything for help. She will make you laugh so hard you cry. She can make any man fall for her without even trying,she just has that sparkle in her eyes that will make you addicted to her.
"She has the touch of Kathelyn"
"Her eyes are as amazing as Kathelyn's"
"She has the glow of a Kathelyn"
by Ben Roads October 08, 2013
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