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Kathalene is the combination between Kathlene and Kathleen with an extra A in the middle for Athletic. She is tall, blond, itty, bitty, smart, and loves to laugh. Her friends love her and she is loyal to those close to her. She is also pure and kind. Any man who tries to posses or control her will only destroy her. She is a free spirit and thrives under positive relationships. She is truthful and loyal, and loves all and only wishes piece.

Kathalene can also switch to diva mode in the professional world to get what she wants. Brilliant and strickingly beautiful, men love her and admire her. Men are also very intimidated by her strength and beauty.

If you meet a Kathalene she is affrodite in desquise. She will bless your world with unconditional love. Be wise, for she knows her power of love and will only give it to one man, that has equal or greater hers! If you find a Kathalene hang on to her and follow her lead.
Kathalene= I am grateful you are in my life and are my friend.
by dictonary truth January 07, 2012
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