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A 'Kategoh' is term commonly used to label someone a whore and/or slut. Many sub-species exist but the most prolific one can be differentiated by its sheer distortion of the body, especially in the facial region. Some distortions include a severe lack of height and an emphasis on the width. As for the facial reigon, you will undoubtedly know when you see one. Kategoh's often attack their prey in a sexually-orientated manner, subsequent to being labelled a slut/whore. They leave a pervasive "gift" behind in which studies have shown are impossible to reverse. There have also been many reported cases of tramautized victims who have been unfortunate enough to experience "Kategohnia", a disease that is attained from being within a close proximity to a Kategoh, excluding physical/sexual contact. However, there are myths circulating the communities and media implying that this malignant disease can be lethal even if the victim is within eyeshot. Encouragement of awareness and avoidance to any Kategoh's are currently being publicized, as the victims are said to have faced afflictive consequences.
1. "Why does this party only have Kategoh's? Mark told me this party would be full of hot chicks!"

2. "Goddamnit, dump your Kategoh girlfriend already."

3. "Woah...I think I see a Kategoh right there. Okay, let's walk the other way instead."

4. "Fuck man! Why do I get all the Kategoh's?!"
by iamnobody0101 March 15, 2009
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