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A highly specialized form of martial arts developed by Grandmistress Kate (1975- ). Initially intended as a close-combat style for crowded settings where ignorant and intoxicated men abound; over many years, Kate Fu™ has proven to be equally effective anywhere some dumbass desperately needs his clock cleaned.
"Ladies, with proper training and application, the next time some drunken, overbearing asshole won't accept "no" as your final answer...Kate Fu™ will enable you to drop him like 10lbs of shit in a 5lb bag! Maybe he'll even end up having to ingest a liquids-only diet via straw for the next few months. If so, that should allow him ample time to contemplate a newer, more respectful way to approach women." ~ Grandmistress Kate (circa 1994)
by Miss Ann Drist (disciple) July 21, 2008
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