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A once great Avatar forum full of wonderful people ranging from as young as 11 to as old as 50+. Despite its name, all shippers are welcome there. It even has some Zutarians. A place where you were assured an online and possibly real life friend soon after you registered. Now it's just deteriorated into a cesspool of overly-sensitive, arrogant noobs and some old members who think that anything that contradicts their opinion is a personal attack on them especially if a contradiction is expressed strongly. A place where people get into arguments over the littlest thing. When the annoyingly lenient mods actually do their jobs and try to keep order, jackass members accuse them of everything but the 9/11 attacks. The bullshit going on on KF was enough to scare off nearly everyone who made the site great. The ones who remaining there, they deserve a medal.

RIP, Kataang Forever... Your tolerance for bullshit and willingness to cave in to troublemakers was your own undoing.
Kataang Forever is a perfect example of one offering an inch and the other taking a mile.
by Avatard87 August 28, 2012
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