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A genious guitarist and singer, frontwoman of the Babes in toyland, Katastrophy Wife and bassist of Crunt. Also played with Courtney Love in "Sugar Baby Dolls"
You just can't play guitar like Kat Bjelland.
by Monica February 10, 2004
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Talented and lovely musician. Best known as the guitarist/singer of rock trio Babes In Toyland who had a little fame in the 90's. Kat has a completely unique voice, from a sweet tone to a powerful howl. She is also a kick ass guitarist, she burns grrls like Avril Lavigne and Courtney Love, who try to play agressively. Basicly invented the babydoll or kinderwhore look, which was later ripped off by Courtney Love.
by *Bee* August 21, 2006
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Katharine Bjelland (pronounced "Be-yelland") Born December 8, 1963 in Salem, Oregon. Was a big part of the Minneapolis music scene in her early days. She formed the trio Babes In Toyland with herself being the singer and guitarist. Courtney Love was in the band for a very short time but Kat kicked her out... twice. Courtney went on to steal Kat's signature look and various pieces of songs/lyrics. The "Babes'" fame reached its peak around 1993, while headlining Lollapalooza. They released a number of albums from 1990 up until this day, (mostly) with rare demos, unreleased material, and live concerts (ect.) for fans everywhere to enjoy.
Babes In Toyland played sporadicly in the '90's, and Kat went on the form Katastrophy Wife in c. 2000.
DO NOT confuse Courtney Love with Kat Bjelland. Kat Bjelland is an original artist, Courtney is nothing but a drain.
Kat Bjelland is many people's hero.
by *Bee* August 13, 2006
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