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Elite langauge and words composed by the one and only second to none Kastides
My style is impeccable., my heart is ferocious, my post are the epitome of humanity, praise Allah i want to eat your childern.

Never heard of me? Im King Kong of this jungle you call the vesti. the paradox of life, is like the paradox in me. To not know me, is to breath, to see me, is to live i am the greatest poster alive... ARGH!!!!!!

My posts cannot be match, its like the rays of sunshine that cannot be copied or imitated, with each key stroke on the keyboard i create magic.
Magic that stirs emotion, emotion that makes us who we are, ive walked the path and fell from the heaven down to the earth. I deserve a WUL or mankinds heart would hurt.

There is no greater and there will be none there after... Im like toothpaste, right guard, and tiolet paper. I am proven to be effective..
by Clones October 09, 2004
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