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Another name for the blisters and general soreness felt in your thumb after playing Mario Kart 64 for too long. Caused by constant grinding of the thumb against the N64's rough control sick during sharp turns.
Dude, I can't play this play this anymore. I'm getting kart thumb.
by HereWeGo September 02, 2012
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kart thumb is a wiinjury that develops on the right hand after frequent and habitual use of mario kart using the Wii Wheel accessory while playing Mario Kart Wii.

The condition arises from the orientation of the controller/wiimote placing the button used to accelerate your kart under the right thumb.

If left untreated the condition can worsen to Wiipetitive Strain Injury and eventually Wiithritis.
Michael played Mario Kart for ten hours yesterday and got kart thumb - by the time he went home he couldn't even bend his thumb.
by pigeon assassin August 10, 2008
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