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A phrase to be used whenever a high-powered excuse is needed for one's own questionable, regrettable or just plain dumb-ass behaviours or decisions.

Its use indicates the speaker fervently hopes for gentle absolution (translating in their mind as more chances to repeat the same dumb behaviour), whilst revealing him/herself either as a good-humoured rogue at best, or at worst a pretentious, haughty seeker of camouflage for impulsive, greedy, self-centred, weak-willed and purely selfish behaviours.
Woman : "I can't believe you've been fucking Julia again! How many times do I have to tell you never to go near another woman! We're married, got it??"

Man: "Wait, wait! Karma made me do it! It wasn't my decision, please forgive me! My swami says I've been cheated-on hundreds of times in my previous lives. The Universe demands balance. That fling with Julia is just The Universe harmonising itself!"

Woman: "Sure ain't no harmony here, you pathetic shit. Get the fuck outta my sight, we're getting divorced.".
by The Sage Of Suave February 21, 2014
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