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A race made up of only the most awesome people history has ever known. Karbashewski's are the best at everything, including being awesome. Karbashewski's are capable of flying, causing peoples faces to melt with their awesomeness, performing open heart surgery on themselves, speaking french in russian, giving themselves tattoos on their backs while playing chess against two chinese kids, and making the best perogies in the world.

warning, over exposure to a Karbashewski may result in; awesomeness overload, face meltation, learning french in russian.... accidentily, the desire to fight a rhinoceros because that's what the Karbashewski's do, death, accindental death, unaccidental death, certain death, timely death, untimely death, uncertain death, leathal weapon 1 2 and 3, John McClane, and Mel Gibson.
guy1: whoa!!! did that guy just blow up that bulding by looking at it!?

guy2: yeah, he's a Karbashewski.
by awesomenessguywithagun September 13, 2011
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