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Karakuridoji Ultimo is a manga about a scientist, named Dr. Dustan, who creates two robots (called "doji"); Ultimo, who represents ultimate Good, and Vice, who represents ultimate Evil. These robots can't feel human emotions (e.g. Vice doesn't feel sympathy for any of his victims). Their one and only purpose to fight to the death across time with their allies in a battle called "The Hundred Machine Funeral".

The manga primarily focuses on a plucky high school student named Yamato, who's the master of Ultimo, and his troubles with both the evil AND good doji. Everybody seems to be dealing with the same question: who will win - GOOD or EVIL?

Karakuridoji Ultimo's original concept was created by Stan Lee (co-creator of Spider Man, Captain America, e.t.c). It is drawn and written by Hiroyuki Takei (Shaman King).
The robots in Karakuridoji Ultimo look like girls.
by loosened October 03, 2010
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