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its a person who looks gorgeous but when you say something funny they laugh in different various forms. But its an all-around great friend that a nigga like me cant live without. She can be funny and mean but you know deep down you love her <3
Stacy- I need to be a new person.
John- Be a Kara Phillips
by DarrenW35 September 14, 2011
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if you know someone by the name kara Phillips then you know that you are in for a wild ride. basically kara Phillips is a person who is very left wing and that everything has to be her way unless otherwise. making peoples lives harder to do day to day tasks while putting 3rd wave feminism facts right into your face and not accepting anyones opinion unless they are left wing as well e kinds of people that should face the justice system and be put away for good.
hey kara Phillips how was your day

did you just assume my gender

via giphy
by Jackson durward October 31, 2018
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