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1. a 8.2 ft. locust that has a machine pistol, ink grenades and the ability to roll out of the way of gun fire. its screeches can bring the dead back to life. kantus' have an extremly fucked up and ugly, disgusting, just putrid face!!

2. Chelsey Clark!
Tim: omg did you see that?
Paul: no what was it?
Tim: it was a fucking kantus. RUN!!!!!

Paul: no man its just Chelsey.
Tim: Still just run.
Paul: im gonna get some soup man.
Tim: okay only if you have cream of chicken.
Paul: is chicken noodle okay?

(Chelsey walks up)
Chelsey: hi guys
(Poof dead)
by Stokes1234567890987654321 September 08, 2010
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