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The Kangasaurus is a freakish animal that spawned in a toxic dump in Australia. Apparently, a half dead female kangaroo somehow mated with a crocodile, and then fell into the river and was swept down to the ocean, where she was raped by a dolphin. Then she crawled out and had a hybrid baby of a Kangaroo, Crocodile, and a Dolphin.

The Kangasaurus lives in Australia with all the other Kangaroos. It is obviously the most feared, so it is the leader of all Kangaroos. Kangasaurus goes where she wants, eats when she wants, and she instigates all mating rituals. Mostly, she sits under a tree or somewhere cool and has other Kangaroos bring her food. If they don't she eats their babies. The Kangasaurus has very strange characteristics. The many Dolphin fins make it appear to be a fierce predator, when in fact it is. The Crocodile head on the Kangaroo body makes it appear a very worth opponent. Its wide gaping jaws convince its adversaries not to test the limits of the Kangasaurus.
Connor: I saw a Kangasaurus the other day
His sister: I go to douglas.
by DUmbasssssessssz April 06, 2010
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