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1)Somthing that really shouldnt have happened

2) something very suprising.

It comes from when a technician in the Australian Air Force was tasked with adding kangaroos to their helecopter simulator, but he cut corners and rather than designing a kangaroo from scratch, used the base of an infantryman, and just altered what it looked like.
He also made it so that it would scatter like a herd of kangaroos when scared. The first group of pilots to try the new simulator saw them and thought "crikey, thats new" and decided to have some fun and scared them all away behind some hills.
Problem is, the technician hadnt removed the bit of code that stopped the infantrymen attacking, and 60 seconds later, the 'roos emerged out from behind the hill with surface to air misslies and promptly brought down the chopper.
1) No way should the teacher have given me detention for being sick in class, that was a real kangaroo attack!

2) OMG you scared the schizzle out of me! I didnt expect you to be hiding in my cupboard! That was such a kangaroo attack.
by cheeseflambe August 16, 2010
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