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A Exellent battler in Metroid Prime Hunters with a powerful Shotgun like weapon known as the "Volt Driver"
Kanden Gets the ability to knock out the enemy's visor with a fully charged shot, unlike any other hunter and allthough annoying -as n00bs say it is- it can be easily avoided (unbeknownst to them) as fully charged shots are slow...
Also When fully charged shots are used by Kanden they lock-on to the opponent making it easier to knock out a visor.
Kanden's alt-form is the "Stinglarva that moves at the same kind of pace as the morph ball and the bombs it lays seek any opponent within range, the bombs can also be used to bomb-jump
Player 1:GAK! My Visor! What did you do!?

Player 2:I knocked it out with my volt driver...

Player 1: HAX!

Player 2: What? Why?

Player 1: Cause I can't do that!

Player 2:Only Kanden can do that!

Player 1: Oh...

by SyluxN64 May 15, 2010
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