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Pronounced can-coon like the vacation destination.(cancun)

1. (noun) a. Refers to a corny black male that tries to rap but ends up sounding very white. Originally derived from the combination of Can (garbage can) and Coon (a degrading term for African-Americans)

b. A black male that tries to rap, but is basically trash.

Lacking basic phonetical and rhyme skills, zero

swagger and uncomfortable to listen to, talentless

2. (verb) Exhibiting Kancun-like traits

3. (noun) A person from a rural or suburban area that fakes a NY accent and falsifies a "hood" persona in an effort to fit in. Usually considered a joke to actual city natives that see through the facade
ex1. Guy 1 - I smokes da sourrrrrrrrrr

I'm the man of the hourrrrrr,

I gots the powerrrr

Guy 2 - Why you put such an emphasis on the R's

like you super white? Dam dog, you

kancuned the shit outta that!

ex.2 That dude can't rap. He a kancun ass nigga

ex.3 Jay Paze Da White Rappa - Yo my nigger, you gots ta beez from NY da wizzy way you spits dem flizzows!

Kancun - No dizout my neezy! I gotsta rep my hood biotch!

Real Rapper from NY- Dam kancun, I can't tell who's whiter! You, or his bitch-ass! I'm outta here, I gotta go sell these albums!
by The Illest & Realest November 18, 2010
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