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Kamren Perkins is a wanna be air traffic controller who will never fulfill this aspiration because of his unprofessionalism, racism, and ignorance. Even if Kamren makes it into the FAA academy, he will most likely wash out because he will tell his instructor that he is being taught incorrectly because VATSIM does it a different way. Kamren also thinks he should be allowed to work a final position during a FNO but he can't even run a sweatbox scenario without the first 2 planes having a deal. A Kamren typically spends a majority of his time controlling with the 'Southern Mob' and responds for EVERY ACE team request. Kamren closely resembles John Manley with his racist remarks as well as a typical Memphis controller with his controlling skills.
Dude, did you see that Seattle FNO last night? It was a real Kamren Perkins.
by anyonecandothis01234 May 19, 2018
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