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A disease that turns you into a racist, homophobic trump supporter who's shit at ATC but thinks he'll get a medical to go to the Academy. Common symptoms include;

-Unnecessary facebook rants
-Multiple conflict alerts during events on VATSIM
-JUAN Rage videos on Twitch
-Endless posts about the 'transgender disease'
-Endless posts about getting a medical and becoming ATC
-Endless posts about how you hate VATSIM dispute still posting and controlling/flying regularly
ATM: OK, so you had four deals, got your third class medical revoked, got into an argument with a Democrat for no reason, got kicked out of three ARTCC's and still don't have a girlfriend. What's going on?

CPC-IT: Fuck, I guess I'm turning into a John Manley
by SuperSecretLOLOL August 01, 2017
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