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Those Kamiakin chicks that like to steal your man.

The biggest bitches that have ever lived. Sometimes they run in packs..and sometimes they don't. They like to ruin your life. They think they're the hottest shit that has ever lived, but they really aren't. They think every other girl is below them, and think they can get almost any guy they want. A lot of times they do get the guy, but they will forever remain a bitch.
Girl 1: I was talking to Johnny the other night! :(
Girl 2: Aww, why the frowny face?
Girl 1: He told me he didn't like me anymore, and he liked Jessica now!
Girl 2: Those damn Kamiakin Cunts!
Girl 1: I know! They stole my man again!
by NewOwl September 04, 2011
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