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In order to achieve a "Kaki Kessem", there must be no feces on your first wipe after secreting bodily fluids out your bum. If the wiping process exceeds 1 wiping motion, you have failed to achieve a "Kaki Kessem"

Some Rules:
If there are enough feces to require you to even begin a second wipe, you have failed to achieve a "Kaki Kessem".
Similar to the "tuck rule" in the NFL, if you reach for the toilet paper for a second time but decline to touch it, you have achieved a "Kaki Kessem", it is only when the player actually makes contact with the toilet paper does the failing take place. This is referred to as the "Touch Rule".

Writers opinion:
We pretty much all have to be in agreement that a Kaki Kessem is a perfect combination of convenience and pleasure. Truly one of the underrated miracles that exist on this earth....Thank you
"I've only had 2 Kaki Kessems in my life. But boy were those first wipes clean"

"As soon as I realize that I have experienced a Kaki Kessem (Poop Magic) , I immediately text my friend 'man my T.P. is so white dude'"
by Milk4Free May 03, 2013
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