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The true and orginal American mixed martial art. AKA The art of dirty streetfighting.

Kajukenbo is a hybrid martial art that combines karate, judo, jujutsu, kenpo, and chinese boxing. It was invented in 1947 in Oahu, Hawaii, at the Palama Settlements, to deal with local crime, as well as to help the people defend themselves from U.S. Navy sailors who would drink and fight with the locals.

The training there was notoriously brutal. Their goal was to be invincible on the street, so the training had to be realistic, and the students sparred with full contact. The number of students soon dwindled to only a few. Those who remained developed into tough fighters with a reputation for employing their art in street fights with only a little provocation.

We are trained with improvised weapons, everything is a weapon. Every person is evaluated, watched even when we are not looking. It is second nature. Don't try it sir, you have a family. Let your pride stand aside or prepare to be taught the harsh lesson of humility.

No flashy moves, no bullshit. Straight to the point, put or shut up. We don't care what you do, who you are or how big you are. You will be dropped. You will remember the day you met us, if we allow you to live.
Bystander: "Who is that?"
Bystander2: "It's a kajukenbo student outside his academy defending himself from a mugger."
Bystander: "What is he doing to that mugger!?"
Bystander:2 "What's it look like he's doing? He's kickin' HIS ass."
by Kicker of Asses March 29, 2008
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