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Kajori is the name given to a particular girl, one who is tall, charmingcharm and very rare. She is usually a very lovinglove person, and often likes to do a lot more for people then they give back. Kajori especially likes to help out her loyal friendsfriend, even if sometimes they give nothing in return. Sometimes it is in the nature of Kajori to get very annoyedannoy with the ones she loves but she always forgives them in the end. Along with these things, Kajori generally has a lot of pride which she never likes to hurt, however she does not care as much when it gets hurt by the actions of her friends. Kajori is also generally very good at dancing and music and she is also a very gorgeousgorgeous and enchantingenchant person. Kajori will also often waste time and wear herself out going in too many directions at once. She is not very patient and expect quick results. However, when encountered with failure she makes extreme comebacks, often against incredible odds. Kajori is also a girl who is grateful for what she has however sometimes fails to show it. She has a wonderfulwonderful family and incredible friends which make her smile everyday.
1)Wow Kajori, thank you for lending me your pen.

Well what can I say...I’m just so spectacular!

2) Look, that girl over there, she’s so awesome I’ve never seen anyone like her!

Well no surprise there, she’s Kajori.
by Miss Calypso June 04, 2013
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